Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo

September 17-19, 2010 in Huntsville, Alabama

This page is for the September 2010 convention. Please visit for the current year's convention.

Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo T-Shirts

Each year Con*Stellation produces a t-shirt as part of its annual convention. Since 1987 artist David O. Miller has created one of a kind artwork for each year's t-shirt. This artwork is only seen that year, and is only part of convention materials, and primarily as a convention t-shirt. After that, the artwork is retired and no more t-shirts are printed. The only place you can see previous t-shirt artwork is our ongoing T-Shirt Retrospective.

Mr. Miller has created a fantastic piece of artwork inspired by this year's constellation, Leo. We are now in the process of getting t-shirts printed for sale during this year's convention (September 17-19). There are a limited number of t-shirts that will be available. Be sure to reserve yours before they are all spoken for!

T-shirts are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Refer to our T-Shirt Reservation Form to get the details of color, size, and price. You can send money now, or reserved shirts can be paid for at the con before noon Saturday, September 18. Send reservations via e-mail, or via mail to Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo T-shirts, c/o NASFA, P.O. Box 4857, Huntsville, Alabama, 35815-4857. All shirts must be picked up by noon on Saturday. If you are sending payment along with your reservation, please make your check out to Con*Stellation. To check for availability, e-mail us.

Con*Stellation 29: Leo T-shirt Art
Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo T-shirt Art
All t-shirt artwork is Copyright © 2010 David O. Miller. Used with permission.

The artwork for Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo