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The final Con†Stellation is over 🙁

😀↪︎ But, join us for Not-A-Con 2019!! ↩︎😀
😀↪︎ Which will be 18–19 October ↩︎😀

We will be transforming the Con†Stellation pages into a history site
Please bear with us as that transition will take some time

Con†Stellation XXXV: Horologium (The Clock)

13–15 October 2017——Huntsville, Alabama

GoH: Mary Robinette Kowal      Artist GoH: David O. Miller      MC: Toni Weisskopf

This article is about the 2012 Con†Stellation. For information about the current convention please see the Main Page. For information on other past Con†Stellations see the Con†Stellation History page.

Con†Stellation XXXI: Perseus was held 12-14 October 2012 at the Holiday Inn Express located near the intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane:
3808 University Drive
Huntsville, AL, 35816


Registration Rates & Info

Adult Membership(←What's That?) rate:

$40 through July 22, 2012 Rate Expired
$45 thereafter and through September 30, 2012 Rate Expired
$50 thereafter and at the door Rate Expired

Child and Young Adult Rates:

Rates for children (though age 12) are fixed regardless of when they are purchased.

Ages 0 to 3 (as of October 12, 2012): Free Rate Expired
Ages 4 to 12 (as of October 12, 2012): $25 Rate Expired

Children not accompanied by an Adult Member were charged the Young Adult Membership rate.

Young Adult Memberships (students age 13-21, as of October 12, 2012) were $5 off the corresponding Adult Membership in effect at the time of purchase. Rate Expired


Guest of Honor: David B. Coe
Artist Guest of Honor: Melissa Gay
Fan Guests of Honor: The Moon Princesses—Julie Wall, Toni Weisskopf, & Linda Zielke
Mistress of Ceremonies: Stephanie Osborn
Special Guest: D.B. Jackson
Also Attending: L.R. Barrett-Durham, Gerald W. Driggers, Cat Faber, Eric Flint, E.G. Glover, Marc Gunn, Les Johnson, and Darrell Osborn.


Holiday Inn Express Suite

We were back for our eleventh (!) year at the Holiday Inn Express. The hotel is located near the intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane in Huntsville, at 3808 University Drive, Huntsville, AL, 35816. Click here for a Google map.

Standard rooms (king or double-double) were $84 (+ taxes), suites were $120 (+ taxes), for 1–4 people per night. Folks planning a room party were encouraged write to or email the general convention address for assistance in blocking into the room party area.

Get Your Con†Stellation T-Shirts

T-Shirt Art
Main Article: Con†Stellation T-Shirts

Convention T-shirts were $16–$18 (depending on size) and available in sizes S–5XL (by pre-con order) or L–3XL (at the door). In future, shirts may be available by pre-order only.

Art Show & Auction

Con†Stellation's annual Art Show and Auction brings together art from both professional and amateur artists. Art can be anything from a painting, to a pen and ink drawing, to a cartoon, or much more. Crafts are also included and could include a knitted Kobold, crocheted Cthulhu, pottery and glassware, jewelry, even origami! All the artwork you find will have some connection to science fiction, fantasy, or fandom(←What's That?) itself.

In 2012 we had almost 20 artists in the show who collectively made just over $3000 in sales. Additionally, there was over $650 in sales of pieces donated to the Charity Auction.

Dealers Room

List of Dealers

As of 21 August 2012 the following dealers were scheduled to be at Con†Stellation XXXI.

Aardvark Tees, Weatherly Hardy Tee Shirts
A. B. Tales, Karen Boyd Collectables
Aegis Steamcraft LLC, Dena & Matt Brown Steampunk, Pirate, and Sci-fi leather goods and items
L.R. Barrett-Durham & E.G. Glover Stained Glass Artwork, Jewelry, & Books
Basement Books, Donna & Paul Rankin Books
Gerald Driggers Book Promotion
Fantastic Vision Design, Keren Matteo Art
Golden Knots, Lauren Damewood Jewelry
Mark Gunn Music
Science Fiction Collectables, Laura & Russell Petterson Collectables


UPDATE 5 October 2012
A revised program listing is available as a PDF file. This is probably the final revision that will be posted on the web and should be very, very close to final. As always, though, you should check the printed Program Guide at the convention.

There are a couple of 2012 innovations for Con†Stellation we particularly want to bring to your attention:


Perhaps you've been to a KaffeeKlatsch at a convention before? If not, the short definition is a gathering with a convention guest and a small group of fans, drinking coffee (or tea, or...) and chatting. Well, we're putting our own spin on that and providing candy instead of coffee. (Yes, there will be strategy involved—you might be ill advised to put a piece of toffee in your mouth just before you want to ask a question.)

You will have to sign up at the convention for these Saturday events. There will be a limit of one KandyKlasche for each convention member and a limit of eight people in each KandyKlasche. Details of signup (including times available) will be available at the convention. Signup will be at convention registration during special hours to be posted at the con.

Costume Contest

Con†Stellation has had a "traditional" Masquerade on Saturday evening for most of its existence, but it's become harder for anything other than really large cons to effectively stage one. So, we're faced with the question "What to do to honor the tradition of costuming at sf/f conventions?" while facing the difficult decision to abandon a formal Masquerade.

The answer is a Hall Costume Contest… but one with a twist that will benefit our 2012 charity.

  • Wear your favorite costume—be it simple or complex—any time Friday or most of Saturday at the convention.
  • Have your picture taken; you can bring us one of yours or we'll take one for you.
  • We'll post the pictures along with a designated donation drop.
  • Here's the key bit: Encourage everyone to vote for you by putting their donation in your designated drop.
  • We'll declare a winner Saturday evening at the Art Auction based on who raises the most money for charity.


We're continually working on making our gaming schedule great, so please check back often for additional information on the Gaming at Con†Stellation.

UPDATE 7 October 2012
The final gaming schedule is now available as a PDF file. Yeah, there will be changes at the con, but this is pretty darn set.

Console Gaming Night

We plan to feature a night of console gaming Saturday evening. It'll start right after the Art Auction and run late, late into the night.

Iron Fan Contest

Are You an Iron Fan?

So, do you think you have what it takes to be an Iron Fan? Join this contest at Con†Stellation and prove your mettle. Each contestant will be given a series of fannish(←What's That?) tasks to accomplish. The one who completes the most tasks will earn bragging rights as Con†Stellation XXXI's Iron Fan. Check the program lineup at the con for the Iron Fan Organizational Meeting on Friday evening. If you get there too late for that, ask any staff member for help getting in touch with the Taskmistress.

Killer Cutthroat Spades Tournament

A Nice Friendly
Game of Cards™

Do you play spades and play to win? If so, have we got a deal for you! Killer Cutthroat Spades is a variant on no-partner spades with severe penalties for sandbagging, thus putting extra emphasis on both accurate bidding and sharp gameplay. What do you get if you win? Mostly bragging rights—no small thing in this neck of the woods! Never played Killer Cutthroat Spades before? No problem, we'll help. (Seriously, we actually will help. We love introducing the game to new folks. Some experience playing spades, bridge, or some other bid-and-trick based game is helpful, but not necessary. We can pretty much always round up enough players to teach you at a non-tournament game before you go swimming with the sharks.)

You can sign up at the door or contact "Uncle Timmy" by email to get on the list.

Lots More

We always have a good selection of gaming events with both preplanned and open tables. BYOG (Bring Your Own Game) or take out something from Craig's Closet, there's always a good game to be found. Again, we'll add details as they become available, much closer to the con.

Want to Run a Game?

If you want to run a game/tournament at Con†Stellation, please email the Game Master to start the discussion. You can also write the convention address below, marking your missive Attention: Game Master.

Sci-Quest is Our 2012 Charity

Sci-Quest Logo

Con†Stellation is happy to have chosen local hands-on science learning center Sci-Quest as our charity for 2012. Sci-Quest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the Tennessee Valley (North Alabama and Southern Tennessee). Their mission is "to motivate visitors to discover and explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and to correlate their interest to the existing career fields throughout Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley" and they do lots of school outreach, covering a 23-county area. Items will be up for bids in the Art Show.

Charity Raffle

We are also pleased to offer a special prize available in support of Sci-Quest—a "Tuckerization"(←What's That?) (aka Redshirt) from Eric Flint. Raffle tickets will be for sale at the convention. (Some tickets will also be distributed for donations to the Con Suite.) The winning ticket will be drawn at the Art Auction. Additional prizes may be offered.

Con Suite

Our Convention Hospitality Suite (Con Suite(←What's That?) in the usual parlance) is one of the highlights of Con†Stellation. You'll certainly find the usual Con Suite munchies and soft drinks, but you'll also find more hearty fare at numerous times all through the con. Just ask anyone who's been to one of our conventions and you'll likely hear high praise for our mistress of victuals.

Con Suite Donations

How would you like to earn even more chances at the Eric Flint Tuckerization? As in years past, the Con Suite is always grateful for donations, but this year we'll reward you! For every family size donation you make, we'll give you a raffle ticket. Family size is enough entrée to feed at least 6-8 people (e.g., tub of spaghetti, large bowl of salad, pan of lasagna) or a full sized dessert (e.g., 24 or more cookies, pan of brownies, cheesecake). As with many good things, there is a catch—you must coordinate with the Con Suite at least 5 days prior to the con so we can plan accordingly. Please email us and let us know what you would like to bring, and we'll let you know how many tickets it will earn.


As a fan-run convention, Con†Stellation is run entirely by volunteers and we would like you to join us. We need people with various levels of convention experience, including none. We have to keep a lot of balls in the air to make a convention work; could you lend a hand (or two)? See our email or snailmail addresses below to let us know that you are interested in helping out! If you email, please include Volunteer in your e-mail subject line so that we can direct your request to the right person.

Questions? How to Contact Us

Use these methods to contact the convention for registration or to ask a question. Note that we don't currently offer web-based registration/payment so you'll eventually need to mail us a check.


Con*Stellation XXXI: Perseus
P.O. Box 4857
Huntsville AL 35815-4857



Google Voicemail: 256-270-0092


The North Alabama Science Fiction Association sponsors Con†Stellation. To find out how to join this year-round club, or to get in touch with NASFA about any other matter, please see the External Links section below.


You can download our latest flyer (version 1.5c—now two-sided—uploaded 14 June 2012) by clicking here—suitable for printing. Check back for updates as more info is added. The website will normally be your most up-to-date source, but this version allows more portability than your laptop ;-)

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