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Con†Stellation Accessibility Policy

Con†Stellation wants to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to come and enjoy the weekend with us. To this end we will have a trained staff person available to provide you with information or discuss any issues, but here is some information to get you started.


Our hotel is actually in the lobby of the airport, and as such there are minimal doorways involved, between the lobby and the function space, and all of them can handle wheelchairs and scooters. The lobby also has a TTY phone.

The hotel registration desk has a wheelchair height counter. However, the hotel only has a few wheelchair accessible rooms and/or rooms with walk-in showers. It is recommended that you book your room early and conform they have a room that meets your needs. If you have special emergency evacuation needs, please let both the hotel and the convention accessibility liaison know in advance so we can coordinate with emergency personnel.

There are multiple restroom choices on the lobby floor – the airport restroom across from the convention registration and one next to the function space. For first floor programming, there is one down the hall across from the airline check-in counters. Unfortunately, since the con-suite is in on the fifth floor in a parlor suite, the attached bathroom there cannot handle a wheelchair/scooter. Our hotel is in the airport terminal, so there is no need to go offsite to enjoy the convention. However, if you want to explore Huntsville, A Metro Cab Company is a wheelchair accessible cab company in Huntsville that can pick up and drop off at the airport. Their phone number is (256) 534-5000.

If you are arriving by car, you can use the passenger/baggage drop-off lane to let someone out. If you are driving yourself, the hotel lot has minimal handicapped parking and it is off to the side of the parking garage, however there is also a paid parking garage with handicapped spaces right next to the walkway to the hotel.

Air, car and taxi are the main ways to get to the hotel. Huntsville does not have public transportation that services the airport.


The convention registration desk is easily accessible in the hotel lobby. If you require a caretaker to get around the convention, please let us know at registration and we will comp the caretaker’s membership. Service animals are allowed in the hotel and function spaces.

Some of our panelists may have slide and video as part of their presentation. Unfortunately we do not have the capability of doing close captioning for these events. If notified well in advance we can put you in touch with a sign language interpreter, but unfortunately, due to our size we cannot provide it as part of your membership.


Our hotel has a restaurant on-site that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a bar that has snacks. Please speak to server in the restaurant if you have any food allergies. The dining room of the restaurant is wheelchair/scooter friendly.

All food in the con-suite should be considered to have been in contact with or contain common allergy triggers unless specifically noted. If you have a question on a specific food, please contact the con-suite chair or their representative who can answer and/or provide an alternative snack for you.

So we hope to see you in Huntsville soon, it’s sure to be a blast. If you have any questions, please email

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