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The final Con†Stellation is over 🙁

😀↪︎ But, join us for Not-A-Con 2019!! ↩︎😀
😀↪︎ Which will be 18–19 October ↩︎😀

We will be transforming the Con†Stellation pages into a history site
Please bear with us as that transition will take some time

Con†Stellation XXXV: Horologium (The Clock)

13–15 October 2017——Huntsville, Alabama

GoH: Mary Robinette Kowal      Artist GoH: David O. Miller      MC: Toni Weisskopf


Guest of Honor

Larry Correia, looking very dapper

Larry Correia spent his formative years in El Nido CA where he tells us the cows far outnumbered the people. There being little of interest in El Nido, he shot a lot of guns and read a lot of books—both of which activities contributed strongly the the “formative” part of “formative years.” The latter interest led him to empty the local library by age 12. First came Louis L’Amour, then Terry Brooks, Raymond E. Feist, David Eddings, John Dalmas, Frank Herbert, and more. In between the reading came the shooting—for pest control, for food, and for enjoyment; not all at the same time.

He followed his family to Utah and ended up going to Utah State University (instead of Cal Poly as he’d originally planned) where he converted to Mormonism. He also ended up in Alabama on his LDS mission. He says he was good at it, “Well, as good as somebody that looked like a young, hulking, terrifying James Gandolfini could be expected to do in a field where you randomly go up and talk to complete strangers.”

While on that mission he traveled to a lot of small towns in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi and fell in love with the south. So, when he started the Monster Hunter International series he set it in the south and “made MHI a Southerncentric organization.” The humidity, however, drove him back to Utah. Besides the five-volume (and growing) MHI series, you can also check out his three-volume Grimnoir Chronicles (the 3rd book due out Summer 2013) and the two Dead Six books (with a third planned).

You can learn lots more about Larry by checking out his blog or his Facebook page. Bibliographies are available on the Baen Book website, on Wikipedia, and on the Simon & Schuster website.

Artist Guest of Honor

Cover of Swords of Exodus
art by Kurt Miller
book by Larry Correia & Mike Kupari

Though Kurt Miller has been an in-house artist before, he found he can more than hold his own as a freelance illustrator. His wheelhouse not only encompasses science fiction, fantasy, and horror book covers, but is wide enough to take in computer/console gaming, board games, military art, and other things that defy easy classification. He could show you his BFA (specializing in Visual Communication) from the Maryland Institute College of Art, but the art itself speaks louder than the degree. When not submersed in artistic endeavors, Kurt says his favorite thing is playing with his dogs.

You can learn more about Kurt—and see a lot of his work—at his website. You can also listen to the man in a 40-odd minute audio interview from when he was the Artist GoH at Balticon 37.

Fan Guest of Honor

A Dr. Osborn Creation
Dr. Osborn in one of his "moods"

Darrell Osborn is a Renaissance man—graphic artist, stage magician, and balloon artist. When not plotting complete world domination, he puts on a variety of magic shows in the Tennesse Valley area under his nom de stage "Doctor Osborn." These last several years he's also been sharing his balloon sculptures (lots more than just your basic balloon animals!), magic, and general madcap sensibility at conventions around the area—including Con†Stellation.

You can find out more about Darrell on his website or on his Facebook page.

Mistress of Ceremonies

Stephanie Osborn
photo by Johnny Miller

Stephanie Osborn is a former payload flight controller, a veteran of over twenty years of working in the civilian space program as well as various military space defense programs. Stephanie is retired from space work and has moved on to be a heck of a writer. She's been known to claim she's still fairly new at this "author stuff," but that's getting harder to take seriously all the time… just look at the body of her work. Her website——lists a huge array of novels (some co-authored with the likes of Travis S. Taylor, Darrell Bain, or Darrell Osborn), short fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and even a YA fantasy book. Stephanie was a major hit as our Mistress of Ceremonies at Con†Stellation XXX in 2011—so much so that she's become our semi-permanent MC :-)

In addition to her website, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, or any of several other social sites listed on her links page.

Also Expected to Attend

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In addition to our Guests of Honor, and Mistress of Ceremonies we're working on a great lineup of other guests. This list will be updated as more guests are confirmed.

Les Johnson

Les Johnson
photo from Marshall Star

Les Johnson describes himself as a NASA physicist, author, husband, father, and manager—though probably not in that order. At NASA, he's the Deputy Manager for the Advanced Concepts Office of the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville AL. He uses what he calls his spare time to write (popular science books/articles as well as science fiction), read (science fiction), and fulfill both the roles of husband and that of father to his two children.

Les's latest production—Sky Alert!: When Satellites Fail, due out 31 March 2013 from Springer Books—is another foray into popsci that examines in detail the topics of the modern world's dependence on satellite technologies, what could and would go wrong in a catastrophic loss of satellites, and how we can work to prevent or prepare for that. Before that there was Going Interstellar, co-edited with Jack McDevitt, which collected both fiction and essays on the titular subject. Then there's his science fiction novel Back to the Moon—written with Travis S. Taylor—the story of (not surprisingly) mankind's return to that body after decades of absence. He's also the co-author (with various others) of the non-fiction Paradise Regained: The Regreening of Earth, Solar Sails: A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel, and Living Off the Land in Space: Green Roads to the Cosmos.

You can learn lots more about Les at or you can check his Facebook page, his personal blog, and his Linkedin page.

Toni Weisskopf

Bio for Toni Weisskopf to be posted soon.

Melissa Gay

Bio for Melissa Gay to be posted soon.

Others to be posted when confirmed

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