Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo

September 17-19, 2010 in Huntsville, Alabama

This page is for the September 2010 convention. Please visit for the current year's convention.

Art Show and Auction

Each year Con*Stellation has an art show and auction. The Art Show displays art from both professional and amateur artists. Art can be anything from a painting, pencil and ink drawing, or cartoon. Crafts are also included and could include a knitted Kobold, crocheted Cthulhu, pottery and glassware, jewelry, even origami! All the artwork you find will have some connection to science fiction, fantasy, or fandom itself.

All artwork shown is for sale unless otherwise marked. There are two ways to get a piece of artwork; bidding or outright purchase. Each piece of artwork is accompanied by a bid/price sheet. Both an opening bid price and an immediate purchase price will be listed (with some exceptions). If you really like the piece of artwork for sale, and don't want anyone else to have a chance at it, you can get it for the immediate purchase price. If you want to try to win the artwork by bidding, you can do that. The opening bid price is lower than the immediate purchase price. Once a bid is placed someone else will not be able to purchase it outright. If 3 bids are placed on a piece, that item will go to auction.

If you can't afford an original piece of artwork or a really nice print, you still have options. The Print Shop offers lower cost prints of artwork seen at the Con*Stellation art show. The prints are usually not as large, or not of as high a quality as those found hanging on the art show wall. However they are suitable for framing, and can be purchased immediately.

Are you a professional or amateur artist? Knitter, crafter, or jewelry maker? The Con*Stellation convention committee invites you to participate in our Art Show and Print Shop! We would love to see you and/or your art at our convention. We will show originals or reproductions in any media but all entries should be ready to hang or display. For more information about participating in the Art Show, please read the Artist's Letter. If you are preparing artwork for display, you will need some bid sheets, a control sheet, or maybe a Print Shop sheet.

A Reservation Form is not needed. Please read the Artist's Letter if you are interested in participating.

If you have questions about the Art Show contact Randy Cleary via e-mail or phone 256-772-3826.

Exhibiting Artists

The following artists are currently scheduled to show their work at the Con*Stellation XXVIII: Vulpecula art show.