Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo

September 17-19, 2010 in Huntsville, Alabama

This page is for the September 2010 convention. Please visit for the current year's convention.


We have a great lineup of guests this year! The Guest of Honor will be author Wen Spencer. Our Artist Guest of Honor will be award winning science fiction and fantasy artist Vincent Di Fate. Master of Cermonies will be game designer Steve Jackson. Fan Guest of Honor will be Warren Buff.

Also expected to attend are Hugo nominated editor Lou Anders, author Chris Berman, author Mark Fitzgerald, author Allan Gilbreath, scientist and author Les Johnson, stage magician Darrel Osborn, scientist and author Stephanie Osborn, author Kimberly Richardson, and author Steve White. There will be a special performance by Jeff Ugly Shoes and the Cemetery Surfers. Check in often for more info and updates! To view info about each of our guests, click a link to the right.

Wen Spencer

Author Guest of Honor

The 2003 John Campbell Award Winner, Wen Spencer spent twenty years living in Pittsburgh, so its only natural that she sets her stories there. Currently she's living outside of Boston with her husband and son. She's a fan of Japanese anime and manga, and it flavors her writing. TINKER won the 2003 Sapphire Award and was nominated for the Romantic Times Review Choice Award for Best Fantasy.

Her most recently published novel is Endless Blue from Baen Books.

You can find out more about Wen Spencer on her website.

Steve Jackson

Master of Ceremonies

Steve Jackson graduated from Rice University in Houston. While there, he spent most of his time playing wargames and working on the student paper, the Thresher (he spent two years as editor). He became a writer and game publisher, proving that college can be very valuable if you don't let classes get in your way.

Steve's first professional design work was for Metagaming, which published his Ogre, G.E.V., Melee, Wizard, and several other games. In 1980, Steve bought The Space Gamer magazine from Metagaming and started his own company.

One of his first games, Raid on Iran, was a critical and sales success. The next year, Steve Jackson Games released its first big hit, Car Wars . . . followed shortly by Illuminati, and later by GURPS, the "Generic Universal Roleplaying System."

In addition to gaming, Steve is a dedicated SF reader and fan, and enjoys attending both gaming and SF conventions. He writes filksongs (adequately) and sings (very badly). He still claims to be working on an interactive computer game about running the Worldcon; the beta-test version has been due Real Soon Now for several years. He is a confirmed computerphile and net addict. His other interests include gardening (especially water gardening), beekeeping, dinosaurs and tropical fish. In his copious free time, he reads, eats and sleeps.

You can find out more about Steve Jackson here.

Vincent Di Fate

Artist Guest of Honor

Vincent Di Fate is a world renown artist specializing in science fiction, fantasy, astronomical,and areospace paintings and illustrations. He has won numerous awards for his work. He won the the Frank R. Paul Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science Fiction Illustration in 1978, the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist in 1978, the Skylark Award for Imaginative Fiction in 1987, the Lensman Award for Lifetime Contributions tho the Science Fiction Field in 1990, and the Chesley Award from the Asssociation of Science Fiction/Fantasy Artists for Lifetime Artistic Achievement in 1998.

His paintings have been exhibited at various museums and galleries around the world. His work is included in the collection at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, and in many other public and private collections.

He has published three books Di Fate's Catalog of Science Fiction Hardware, Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art, and The Science Fiction Art of Vincent Di Fate.

You can find out more about Vincent Di Fate on his website.

Warren Buff

Fan Guest of Honor

In the ten years since he discovered fandom, Warren Buff has volunteered with many conventions and worked on a number of fanzines. He helped with StellarCon's bid for the 46th DSC. He is a member of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance, has been elected President of the Southern Fandom Confederation, and co-chaired the bid for NASFiC 2010 to be in Raleigh, NC.

Chris Berman

Author and lecturer Chris Berman wrote his first novel, The Hive, while recovering from a bicycle versus SUV accident. Since then he has gone on to write a second novel Red Moon, both published through Xpress Yourself Publishing.

Currently he is working on his third novel Star Pirates, due to be released in late 2010. He lives in Saint Augustine, Florida with his wife and two daughters.

You can find out more about Chris Berman on his website.

Darrel Osborn

Darrel Osborn is a graphic artist, stage magician, and ballon artist. When not plotting complete world domination, he puts on a variety of magic shows in the Tennesse Valley area as "Doctor" Osborn.

You can find out more about Darrel Osborn on his website.

Kimberly Richardson

Author and editor Kimberly Richardson's first book is an anthology of her short stories and poetry, Tales from a Goth Librarian. Currently she is editing a Steampunk Anthology that will be published in 2010 by Kerlak Publishing. She lives in Memphis, Tennesse and books are her greatest passion.

You can find out more about Kimberly Richardson on her MySpace website.

Steve White

Steve White served as a Navy Officer during the Vietnam War. He has written numerous books beginning in 1993 with The Disinherited, the first in The Disinherited series. He is perhaps most well known for his collaboration with David Weber on the Starfire series, starting with Insurrection. His most recent novel is Saint Antony's Fire. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and is married and has three daughters.

You can find out more about Steve White on his Wikipedia page.

Lou Anders

A 2009/2008/2007 Hugo Award nominee, 2008 Philip K. Dick Award nominee, 2009/2007 Chesley Award nominee and 2006 World Fantasy Award nominee, Lou Anders is the editorial director of Prometheus Books' science fiction imprint Pyr, as well as a series of anthologies including: Fast Forward 2 (Pyr, October 2008), Sideways in Crime (Solaris, June 2008), Fast Forward 1 (Pyr, February 2007), FutureShocks (Roc, January 2006),

Projections: Science Fiction in Literature & Film (MonkeyBrain, December 2004), Live Without a Net (Roc, 2003), and Outside the Box (Wildside Press, 2001).

In 2000, he served as the Executive Editor of, and before that he worked as the Los Angeles Liaison for Titan Publishing Group. He is the author of The Making of Star Trek: First Contact (Titan Books, 1996), and has published over 500 articles in such magazines as The Believer, Publishers Weekly, Dreamwatch, DeathRay, free inquiry, Star Trek Monthly, Star Wars Monthly, Babylon 5 Magazine, Sci Fi Universe, Doctor Who Magazine, and Manga Max. His articles and stories have been translated into Danish, Greek, German, Italian and French.

You can find out more about Lou Anders on his website.

Les Johnson

Les Johnson is a NASA physicist and manager, author, husband and father. By day, he serves as the Deputy Manager for the Advanced Concepts Office at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. In his spare time he writes popular science books and articles, reads science fiction, and fulfills the role of husband and father to his two children.

Mr. Johnson has co-authored the books Solar Sails, Living Off the Land in Space, and Paradise Regained: The Re-Greening of Planet Earth.

His first science fiction novel, co-authored with Travis Taylor, Back to the Moon will be publised December 2010 from Baen Books. You can find out more about Les Johnson on his website.

Stephanie Osborn

Stephanie Osborn is a former payload flight controller, a veteran of over twenty years of working in the civilian space program, as well as various military space defense programs. Stephanie is currently retired from space work. She now happily "passes it forward," tutoring math and science to students in the Huntsville area, from elementary through college.

She also writes science fiction mysteries based on her knowledge, experience, and travels. Her first novel, Burnout, is a science fiction mystery about a Space Shuttle disaster that turns out to be no accident. She has also collaborated with Darrell Bain on two novels in the Cresperian series, The Y Factor and The Cresperian Alliance. Currently, she is collaborating with Travis Taylor on the novel Extraction Point.

You can read more about Stephanie Osborn on her website.

The Cemetery Surfers

Formed by a Group of Parapsychologists and ghost hunters, The Cemetery Surfers spend as much time in haunted locations as they do onstage. "We're musicians and ghost hunters...If we had a talking dog, we'd be a cartoon."

The band formed in August of 2005 when Jeff Uglyshoes was invited to play at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Lacking a backup band, he called his friend, Dr. Mark Burtman, and with the addition of Jake Wood (Amnesty) and Jason King (Killjay), the Cemetery Surfers made their first appearance with minimal practice and a strange sense of humor. After being announced as "The Jeff Uglyshoes Band," Jeff turned around and introduced the band as "The Cemetery Surfers". Much to their surprise, the band was very well received, and so it began. Jake later returned to his own band, and Jason King went on to become the guitar player for Killjay. They were replaced by drummer "Silent" Jody Evans, who appeared on their second CD, The Monster that ate Mississippi. Jody later moved on to out-of-state work (real musicians have day jobs) and was replaced by keyboard/drummer "Elusive," who was doing quite well with his one man act, Elusive Groove. With the addition of Connie and Monica (the Cemetery Girls), they are now complete.

With an elaborate stage show (with everything from a zombie attack to one of the musicians frying in an electric chair during the guitar solo) they are becoming one of the most popular acts onstage. But every night after they play, look for them in graveyards or haunted houses.

You can find out more about The Cemetery Surfers on their website.

Allan Gilbreath

Allan Gilbreath is an award-winning author, story-teller, and instructor. He has been published in numerous anthologies, magazines, and e-zines. Allan has appeared on stage, television, radio, and web cast. He is currently working on the third novel in his vampire series, along with numerous other projects.

You can read more about Allan Gilbreath on his MySpace website.

Mark Fitzgerald

Mark Fitzgerald is a recognized speaker, performer, artist and educator and is a strong proponent of the edutainment form of adult education. He is also the editor of Kerlak Publishing's Time Intertwined, Tales of Fantasy and the upcoming WTF anthology. Mark has also done cover art for Time Intertwined and Short Attention Span Mysteries as well as contributing to the covers of Tales of Fantasy and Modern Witches, Wizards, and Magic.

You can read more about Mark Fitzgerald on the Kerlak publishing website.