NASFA Meetings in 2023:

  • 21 January
    Program: Videos: Thorium nuclear reactors and motionless wind turbines
  • 18 February
    Program: Presentation by Ancel Sherrard of the Friends of the Library used book store
  • 18 March
    Program: Trivia for Chocolate
  • 15 April
    Program: Social Skills 201
  • 20 May
    Program: A presentation on the Rocket City Anime convention, 9-11 June 2023
  • 17 June
    Program: Paper Airplane Contest
  • 15 July
    Program: The Annual NASFA Picnic
  • 19 August
    Program: The Annual NASFA Auction (bring out yer junk!)
  • 16 September
    Program: Videos: Triton update and the original Hobbit animated "movie"
  • 21 October
  • 18 November
    Program: A small selection of Science and Science Fiction themed Jeopardy! games, courtesy of Jeopardy Labs!
  • 16 December
    Program: The annual NASFA Christmas Party, to be held at Mike Kennedy's house

Club meetings are generally held on the third Saturday of each month unless noted otherwise.



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NASFA Calendar @ Google:

NASFA has set up a Google Calendar page for all the latest NASFA events of interest.