NASFA Meetings in 2017:

  • 21 January
    Program: "Short Attention Span Theatre", hosted by Mike Kennedy
  • 18 February
    Program: A reading by Dr. Travis S. Taylor
  • 11 March (meeting held one week early to avoid a conflict with the Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo)
    Program: Fannish Feud by Fritz
  • 15 April
    The NASFA Picnic, 3:00p, Sam and Judy's house
  • 20 May
    Program: TBD
  • 17 June
    Program: TBD
  • 22 July (meeting delayed one week to avoid a conflict with Con-Gregate 4 / DeepSouthCon 55)
    Program: TBD
  • 19 August
    Program: TBD
  • 16 September
    Program: TBD
  • 21 October
    Program: The final Con†Stellation Post-Mortem
  • 18 November
    Program: TBD
  • 16 December
    The NASFA Christmas Party

Club meetings are generally held on the third Saturday of each month unless noted otherwise.


  • 13-15 October

NASFA Calendar @ Google:

NASFA has set up a Google Calendar page for all the latest NASFA events of interest.