The NASFA Shuttle

The NASFA Shuttle is the official newsletter and 'zine of the North Alabama Science Fiction Association. The Shuttle is produced once a month and emailed (preferred) or mailed (USPS) to NASFA members, subscribers, guests, and other clubs or organizations. The Shuttle typically includes:

  • NASFA Meeting Minutes and Information
  • Information on Not-A-Con
  • Convention and Club News
  • Regional, National, and International Fannish News
  • Calendar of Events
  • Genre Awards News
  • Book and/or Film Reviews
  • ...and much more!

Publication of The NASFA Shuttle on-line is in PDF format. The new edition is generally posted no later than the Wednesday evening before the third Saturday (club meeting Saturday). Use your favorite PDF reader or click here to find the latest copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Contributions, as well as comments and inquiries, are always welcome! If you have something you would like to contribute, including something for the calendar of events, please send your contribution, comment, or inquiry to the editor via:


There are several different ways you can subscribe to the NASFA Shuttle. If you are a dues paying member of NASFA, a subscription to the NASFA Shuttle is included with your dues ($25/year). Shuttle-only subscriptions are available for $15/year. Single copies of the NASFA Shuttle can also be yours for a mere $2.00 each.

If you would like to subscribe to the NASFA Shuttle, or become a dues paying member, and it is not possible for you to come to a meeting, send your subscription request and/or dues to: NASFA Inc., P.O. Box 4857, Huntsville AL 35815-4857.