Con*Stellation XXX: Corona Borealis

September 16-18, 2011 in Huntsville, Alabama

About the Artwork

Most of the artwork featured throughout this website is the work of two long-time NASFA associates, Randy Cleary and David O. Miller. Randy has contributed the illustrations you see on almost every page. Many of these illos have been used in past Con*Stellation program books or promotional material. David O. Miller has also contributed artwork to Con*Stellation program books in the past. His greatest artistic contribution to Con*Stellation, though, has been the excellent artwork which has graced our Con*Stellation t-shirts since 1987! We really appreciate the contributions of both artists!

To learn a bit more about each artist, click the appropriate link to the right. To see an ongoing retrospective of David O. Miller's t-shirt artwork, go to the T-Shirt Retrospective.

Randy Cleary

Randy Cleary is a long-time member of NASFA, and in the past has served as both its President and Program Director. Randy currently serves as the director of the Con*Stellation art shows. Randy is an active member of NASFA and was recently the president of the Southern Fandom Confederation.

Randy became interested in both science fiction and artwork while in his home state of North Carolina. He grew up reading genre related material as well as watching shows such as Doctor Who and Star Trek. It was when he moved to Huntsville that he discovered there was such a thing as fandom, and people wore their geek badges proudly. Since the 90's Randy has been an active member of fandom, participating in clubs, 'zines, and conventions. We are glad that Randy continues to be a part of NASFA and fandom!

To learn a bit more about Randy, check out his website.

David O. Miller

We are very lucky each year to feature the artwork of well known artist David O. Miller on our t-shirts and convention materials. David creates a unique piece of artwork each year based on the constellation chosen as the theme of that year's convention. He has created something interesting for constellations as diverse as a fly (Musca) and a snake handler (Ophiuchus).

David is a native Southerner who has always known that he wanted to be an artist, but didn't quite know where it would take him. In 1987 his art career brought him to Huntsville and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center where he served as its Art Director until 1991. David is a fan of classic science fiction, counting H.G. Wells and Jules Verne as influences. He has created many genre related pieces for companies such as TSR, Inc., Topps, Inc./Lucas Films, GDW, Inc., Wizards of the Coast, Steve Jackson Games, and Baen Books.

We feel quite fortunate to have David as a contributor to Con*Stellation each year! To see an ongoing retrospective of David O. Miller's t-shirt artwork, go to the T-Shirt Retrospective. To learn more about David and his artwork, go to his website.

View of Saturn from Titan, rockets lifting off; by Randy Cleary